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All Jazz-A-Ma Tazz programs meet the state and federal standards for arts education as well as the requirements of the NYC-Department of Education's Blueprint for the Arts (Music), as well as federal and state standards for the arts.

Our methodologies are based on the "best practices" of youth development and designed to engage the participation of each individual based on his/her unique abilities.  Recognizing the disparate resources available to the schools and community groups it serves, Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz designed its music education programs to provide results independent of costly instruments or supplies.

Non-music Students:  Students with little or no exposure to music can benefit from an introduction to the fundamentals of music.  Programs include interactive school assembly performances, residencies, and workshops for students of all ages and abilities. Programs can be tailored to any venue or student group, both general and special education K-12.

For Music Students:  Programs include master classes, residencies, and clinics.  Students learn not only the fundamentals of jazz and basic technique but the importance of developing their own musical styles.  


A music educator says it best:

“One of the most remarkable things about watching Hayes work with my students was how he listened to each one and instinctively knew how to relate to each one individually. He has an uncanny ability to zero in on each student's main obstacle and then provide clear, helpful, and insightful suggestions as to how that student can improve and grow musically.”
Richard Frazier, Director of Instrumental Music, The Harker School, San Jose, CA

From the music students:

“Hayes Greenfield taught us what music is. Before Hayes came, we played music from the notes on the page. We merely tried to replicate the sounds that we thought were supposed to be right. Hayes taught us to look inside ourselves and play the music we heard in our heads.”
Roger Kim, 9th Grade

“Aside from all the jazz technique he taught me, Hayes made me realize how important it is to be confident. I began to play with self-assurance and enthusiasm instead of worry that I would make a fool of myself. I may not be a professional trumpet player, but now I1m finally beginning to understand what jazz is really about. I love it! Thanks a lot for the visit, Hayes!”
Surbhi Mahendru, 12th Grade

“Hayes helped us to put more style in our playing. He encouraged us to play everyday and to become the best we could be. He also showed us how much fun Jazz could be if we only just let go of our worries and play what is inside of us.”
Josh Karnes, 10th Grade

“Hayes’  methods of teaching are very inspiring, entertaining and so easy to learn from. He concentrated on teaching us how to solo and keep time.”
Jeff Le, 9th Grade