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Students of all ages and abilities benefit from their participation in Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz.  In addition to an introduction tobasic music-making, students learn how music relates to personal and social skills that affect learning and impact the world around them.   All programs meet the state and federal standards for arts education as well as the NYC-Department of Education's Blueprint for the Arts.


Hayes Greenfield's Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz is making the mark in Special Education.
Educators say it best!

“The performance was awesome and was the best I’ve seen for children with autism… PS 255Q is a special education school for children with Autism. The students are 5 - 12 in ages and range from the very mild impaired to severely impaired and everything in between... There was not one person in the audience that didn't get involved...I was amazed that kids who had never responded before were independently clapping or dancing and best of all, watching. It left everyone with a smile on their face and a song in their heart. Looking forward to working with you again.”  Jeanne Zucker, Assistant Principal, PS 255Q


“Of all the musical performers we have hired through the Arts in Education program this by far was the best!...Our Students and faculty were treated to an outrageous musical performance presented by Hayes Greenfield and his Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz trio. The performance was educational, spontaneous and engaging. Mr. Greenfield rapidly involved all students ages 5 - 12 in an energetic, interaction session. Using call and response and humor, Mr. Greenfield established a climate of trust where all participants experienced success. He had us all on our feet: students and teacher doing hula hoop. What great fun we had!” Audrey P. Bernard, Principal, Sayville Learning Center


“Our very special students face a large variety of challenges: mental retardation, learning disabilities, visual and hearing impairments, autism, physical disabilities, emotional and language disorders. In spite of those issues, your performances met the abilities and needs of everyone... It was almost impossible to keep still, and everybody danced and sang... A child who has severe physical disabilities worked so hard to move his arms to perform in your Butterfly dance...You also quizzed the more academically able students - and increased their musical literacy skills...We hope that this was only the first of many return visits.” Joan Washington, Principal, PS 811Q Marathon School


“Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz creates music from the heart. It seeps into your fingers, your toes, your hands, your feet and your heart by way of your soul...Students who would normally not have been interested in participating is an assembly in front of their peers and teachers suddenly lost their inhibitions! They be-bopped, scat sang, danced like butterflies, hula hooped and sang out response to the musicians. It was a beautiful thing. Staff and teachers were singing, dancing and encouraging each other to be bold and have the courage to look a little "silly" in order to participate in the joy...We absolutely recommend this experience for anyone. It is a touch of joy and sparks life into everyone fortunate enough to truly listen. Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz provides an opportunity for students and staff not only to learn but to grow together. It is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed!”

Bennet Savio, Principal; Cornelia Rock, Ed.D, Assistant Principal,
Brookhaven Academic Center


“Thank you for the marvelous Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz presentation for the students of P53K. I was particularly thrilled to see students with multiple disabilities so engaged in your performance. Your music truly touched each one of them. I look forward to having you return to our school next year.”  Amy Blustein, Assistant Principal, P53K