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Testimonials: Peers

“Here is a guy who cares about our youth and therefore our future. You can really hear it in his playing and he performs with such heart.”
Herbie Hancock, Grammy Award-Winning Artist

“Hayes Greenfield has found the secret in presenting serious concepts to young people. Combined with humor, warmth and complete honesty as well as consummate musical skills, Hayes has hit the mark. His program should be a must in every school!!”
Dave Liebman, Grammy Nominee, Honorary Doctorate of Music, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki,
Finland Inductee, Hall of Fame, The International Association of Jazz Educators

“Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz is a beautiful, joyful experience for kids of all ages. Music, especially Jazz, keeps us young and growing in our lives, and within our imagination. It's a celebration of all beautiful things in this wondrous world we live in. BRAVO, HAYES, for your deep passion and dedication to our future. Awareness and appreciation of Jazz For Children is the key to tomorrow's music!!! Swing! Sing! Dance! and Play! That's Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz!"
Joe Lovano, Grammy Nominee, Gary Burton Chair in Jazz Performance Berklee College of Music

Testimonials: Administrators

“If you want your students to truly EXPERIENCE jazz rather than just hear it...Hayes Greenfield and Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz delivers!”
Dominic F. Mucci, Superintendent, North Bellmore Union Free School District

Nassau County, NY, BOCES Evaluations for Hayes Greenfield’s

"This assembly was one of our most memorable. The artists got the entire school involved, with everyone (including teachers and administrators) singing and even dancing. They did a great job of gearing their performances to the different age groups, making changes in their show for the older group. A wonderful assembly that really got the kids excited about music and Jazz in particular. Highly recommended." Read more>>
Artists in Schools, Nassau BOCES, NY

“Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz, a program for children and families was culturally outstanding and truly unique with its “hands-on” approach to introducing jazz music to students at our school.”
Frank J. Vecchio, Principal, 10th & Penn Elementary School, Reading, PA

“Thank you once again for your terrific performance at The World Trade Center. Your group was the most original and creative. I am aware of how difficult it is to engage kids in a performance, especially several thousand of them, but your group seemed to massage that task effortlessly. Kids need an intelligent choice.”
Ray Wilson, Producer Children’s Day, World Trade Center, New York, NY

“Hayes Greenfield’s Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz added a special dimension to the Rochester International Jazz Festival. It was truly great fun to see Hayes getting kids scatting and dancing to jazz. What a creative way to introduce people to jazz, and I am sure all will remember it with joy.”
John Nugent, Artistic Director/Producer, The Rochester International Jazz Festival

“The students were entertained and delighted with the way you and your talented musicians interacted with them. This was a beneficial educational experience had by students and teachers alike.”
R. Adams, General Music Director Seaford Manor Elementary School, Seaford, NY

"The Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz program is absolutely wonderful. Hayes Greenfield has the ability to connect and interact with kids He gets them involved.The program was a great addition to our festival."
John Ernesto, General Manager, FirstEnergy Berks JazzFest

“Dear Hayes, Thank you very much for the wonderful session you created last week for my cultural studies seminar, Jazz Voices, Jazz Lives.  It had a profound effect on the class, who all, without exception, loved the music and your playing, felt your energy and were moved and enlightened by it.  The session was a model of inventive education."
Nina d’Alessandro, Master Teacher, Producer of GSP Jazz Programs, New York University

Testimonials: Kids

“Before going to your jazz festival I didn’t care about jazz. Now that I heard jazz and learned about it, I like it…the best parts were when you got some kids and teachers up on stage to dance. My other favorite part was when some kids made jazz with you. I would have gone too but I was too shy and was enjoying it too much.” Yesenia

“Thank you for your jazz show. I would like to go again with my family. Thank you for the chance to hear jazz. I learned it takes a long time to be good at something and a lot of hard work. Thank you for a great show and a great field trip. I will never forget it. It was one of the best field trips I have ever gone to while I was in school.” Pablo

“I would like to thank you, Mr. Greenfield, for inviting us to the jazz festival. That day was the first day I’ve ever listened to jazz. Since then I start to listen to jazz in my radio.” Evelyn

“I learned a lot about jazz. I learned there is different languages in jazz. There is inside jazz and there is outside jazz. I liked you drum player Dean. He is cool. I learned there are different levels on an instrument. I like jazz.” Antonique

“I didn’t like your show…I loved it! It was a very special day of fun learning. I loved the scatting…I really wanted to dance and scat , but I was too embarrassed to do it on stage. I scatted on my seat clapping along.” Dania

“I loved your performance. You taught many children lots of things like everyone can participate in jazz and jazz is for everyone. You really changed my mind about jazz. At first I thought it was an oldies music but now it’s under my list of things to do when I grow up. I felt really entertained.” Lorena

“Hearing you play made me want to continue playing my trumpet so maybe one day I’ll play as good as you. While hearing you play and understanding what you said, I learned that music is a language and it’s a way of communicating with other musicians even if you just met them today. When I got on stage and started to scat, I fourth of me was embarrassed but the rest was just being myself…that was one of the best experiences of my life.” Ullema